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Invitation for ASZWM 2014 in Vietnam

ASZWM 2014 in Vietnam
This is to invite you to the annual meeting for the professionals, students and people who are interested in zoo and wildlife medicine / conservation.

I received the first announcement of the convention sent by 'Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine' (ASZWM) as described below.
I will update this page of blog as soon as getting further information.
Keep checking it!

Get the first announcement from ASZWM (Mar. 5, 2014) now: PDF (630KB)

The Updated Announcement (Jul. 22, 2014)
ASZWM 2014
7th Asian Meeting on Zoo and Wildlife Medicine/Conservation
'One Health in Asian Pacific'


October 14th -17th, 2014

VENUES - Updated
  • Oct. 14th:       Vietnam National University of Agriculture
  • Oct. 15-16th:  Green World Hotel, Tam Dao National Park
  • Oct. 17th:       Ha Long City
MAP INFO. averrable here

  • Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (ASZWM)
  • Asian College of Conservation Medicine (ACCM)
  • Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA)
  • Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, Animals Asia
  • Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR)
  • Hanoi Zoo
  • Vietnam Veterinary Association
  • Federation of Asian Veterinary Association (FAVA)
  • Asian Association of Veterinary School (AAVS)
  • Deadline for registration: Sep. 25, 2014
  • Deadline for abstract submission: Sep. 25, 2014
Go and register now on the website of Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (ASZWM)
Click here to jump to ASZWM WEBSITE


<Day 1> Oct. 14, 2014 - Updated
Pre-congress Educational Workshop
The Significance of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (Conservation Medicine) in Asia

This is planned for the veterinary students of Vietnam National University of Agriculture and veterinarians of domestic zoos and wildlife rescue centers. Some international specialists will introduce about zoo and wildlife medicine / conservation in this symposium.

Time: 9:00 to 12:00

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Vietnam National University of Agriculture
Ngo Xuan Quang Street, TrauquyGia Lam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tentative specialists on lecture
  • Prof. Toshio Tsubota
    President of Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
    - Introduction of Wildlife Medicine
  • Dr. Paolo Martelli
    Ocean park Corporation, Hong Kong
    - Introduction of Zoo Medicine
  • Dr. Toshio Mizoguchi
    Fukushima Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Japan
    - Application of Wildlife Medicine for the Human Society

<Day 2, 3> Oct. 15 - 16, 2014
ASZWM Meeting in Tam Dao National Park

Green World Hotel
0211.3824315, Tam Dao, Vietnam

Oct. 15, 2014, on the site.

Registration fee for oversea participants
  • Professionals: 300USD
  • Students: 250USD
The fee includes followings (for the first 100 participants);
  • Accommodation in Tam Dao at Green World Hotel:
    • Oct.14 - 17, with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Opening ceremony, welcome reception and Closing ceremony
  • All sessions on the ASZWM meeting
  • Transportation
    • Tam Dao Airpot => the venue, on Oct. 14, 2014
    • The venue => Tam Dao Airport, on Oct. 17, 2014

Registration fee for domestic participants
  • Professionals: 100USD
  • Students: Free for charge

Planned Sessions - Updated
  1. Wildlife Diseases Surveillance: Rabies in wild animals
  2. Reproduction and Diseases of Elephants
  3. Asian bear Contact person: Dr. Toshio Tsubota
  4. Wildlife Diseases and Parasitology (Diagnostic network for wildlife diseases and parasites) Contact person: Dr. Tokuma Yanai
  5. Primate Conservation Medicine (ASPCM) Contact persons: Dr. Keiko Shimizu and Dr. Tokuma Yanai
  6. Aquatic Medicine Contact persons: Dr. Yuko Tajima
  7. Reptiles and Amphibians
  8. Zoo Vet net work Contact persons: Dr. Kazutoshi Takami
  9. Clinical Medicine etc
  10. Award of diploma, Asian College of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (ACCM)
  11. Others - Coming soon

<Day 4> Oct. 15 - 16, 2014
Post Congress Satellite Sympodium at Ha Long City, Vietnam
Vietnam Biodiversity Workshop

- Optional
- Maximum 50 persons, ASZWM Tam Dao conference participants only



ASPSD invites you to present on the Primate session of ASZWM conference in Tam Dao.
Feel free to contact me for further information to entry.
I can mediate your questions or even presentation abstract to the contact parsons and the host.

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