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Invitation for SPDP Workshop 2015

"The Current View over Primate Diseases and Pathology"

Registration Deadline: July 3, 2015

Official language on this Workshop will be "Japanese"


  • June 6, 2015 / First Announcement

About the Workshop

The Current View over Primate Diseases and Pathology

Image: S Nakamura

Shin-ichiro NAKAMURA

Assistant Professor, Research Center for Animal Life Science

The biological, genetic and microbiological circumstance surrounding non-human primates (NHPs) for research use have changed for the past decade, from the day SPDP launched. Today, we can get much amount and variety kinds of information about them, although we had quite hard to publish the Color Atlas of Primate Diseases on the way SPDP passed. However, the varied goals each related commercial company or research institute have might make it difficult to summarize such information for our understanding. This is the reason I propose the theme on this conference, SPDP Workshop 2015. We hope to hear about time-dependent changes of real voice from monkey husbandry and research sites, or future view of the relationship between NHPs and us on the workshop. It may show us the direction we should go. The concrete vision of the second publication of SPDP must rise up to us.

Program and Schedule


Saturday July 11, 2015


The 100th Anniversary Hall (7th Flr. 8th Educational Bld.), AZABU University
1-17-71 Fuchinobe, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa JAPAN

  • Registration: 3,000JPY
Including: A Copy of Proceeding / Right Meal for Lunch
  • Post-Workshop Party: 4,000JPY (Optional)

Program and Schedule

Opening remarks [10:00]
  • Keynote Lecture: The Changes, Present Situation and Problems in Non-human Primates for Researches [10:05]
Yasuhiro YOSHIKAWA / Chiba University of Science

Session 1: Chaired by Yuko KATAKAI
  • The Diseases of Non-human Primates in Zoo and Exhibiting Institutes [10:25]
Umi UNE / Veterinary Pathology, Azabu University
  • The Contribution of SPDP to The Network of Conservation Medicine in Asia [10:55]
Tokuma YANAI / Veterinary Pathology, Gifu University
  • Our Experience of Thrombocytepenia in Japanese Macaque, Consciousnesses of Users, Animal Caretakers and Managers [11:25]
Munehiro OKAMOTO / Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University

Lunch with Poster Session [11:55 - 13:25]

  • Measurement against the Diseases Listed on the Infectious Disease Law Arose During Quarantine for Imported Non-human Primates [13:25]
Saki AKITA / Animal Quarantine Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Session 2: Chaired by Fumiko ONO (the First three), Shigeru SATAKE (the Last two)
  • Laboratory Reproduction of Non-human Primates for Medical Science Research Use [13:55]
Tadashi SANKAI / Tsukuba Primate Research Center
  • Basic Diseases of Cynomolgus Macaques for Medical Science Use [14:25]
  • Diseases and Their Counter Measures on Marmosets, From The Case Reports in CIEA [14:55]
Takashi INOUE / The Central Institute for Experimental Animals
  • Research Process of Biomedical Drugs and Pathology on Non-human Primates [15:40]
Masami SUSUKI / Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
  • Welfare and Researches on Laboratory Animals [16:10]
Masanori FUJII / HAMRI Co.Ltd.

Overall Discussion [16:40]

Closing Remarks [16:55]

Post-Workshop Party

  • Venue: Cafeteria SAKURA, Azabu Univ.
  • Fee: 4,000JPY
  • Optional, Required online registration (Deadline July 3, 2015)


Deadline of the registration July 3, 2015
How to register
  1. Click Here to make E-mail message for registration. E-mailing application will launch up if you have defined.
  2. Fill and complete all required items and put message if you have.
  3. Click the send message button.
  4. Wait a reply from SPDP on the E-mail address you use to send the registration message.

Call for Paper

Freely entry poster presentation on this workshop.
Posters related to non-human primates or their diseases will be accepted.

How to entry
  1. Notice us your will to entry and the title of your poster on the registration message.
  2. Wait a reply from SPDP for further information.
How to present your poster
  • Poster size: Maximum 180(L) x 90(W) cm
  • Past your poster by 11:00am on the specified site.
  • Present your poster by the chair of a person.

Contact SPDP

Feel free to contact SPDP via E-mail.
I will answer you.

The Society of Primate Diseases and Pathology (SPDP)
The Asian Society for Primate Conservation and Diseases (ASPCD)

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